AV Search and Rescue team members
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Antelope Valley Search & Rescue team members: Alan Khosrowabidi (Reserve Deputy), Jeff Godde (Reserve Lieutenant), Robb Thompson (Reserve Captain), Dr. Gary Boghossian (Volunteer Medical Officer), and John Johnston (Reserve Commander). Click photo to enlarge.

Local Doctor Volunteers His Time at LA Sheriff's Dept. Search & Rescue

May 2012, LANCASTER, CA -- For over 50 years, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Search & Rescue teams have been counted on to locate and assist lost, hurt, or trapped people in desert, mountainous, hillside and urban settings. The Antelope Valley team (13 volunteers and 10 reserve individuals) covers Lancaster and Palmdale, and totals 1800 square miles of terrain.

"Last year, we responded to over 100 incidents," said Les J. White, Antelope Valley Search & Rescue Assistant Coordinator. "We even rescued individuals trapped in several avalanches in the ski areas."

photo of Doctor Gary Boghossian Medical Officer for AV Search and Rescue teamDr. Gary Boghossian of AVORS Medical Group recently joined Search & Rescue as their Medical Officer and has gone through ATV 4-wheel drive training and rappelling (or rope) training. He has already become an asset to the team.

"It's great having a doctor on the team, especially a wound expert and former army medic," added White. "I know how busy Dr. Boghossian is with his patients at AVORS, and we appreciate the time he gives to the community."

The Antelope Valley Search & Rescue is looking for volunteers and donations. Please contact Lester J. White in Lancaster at 661-816-6371 to assist their worthy effort.

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