Campout at Mountain Lakes 2014

2014 Campout at Mountain Lakes

June 2014, Lytle Creek, CA -- For the second year, AVORS doctors, staff and their families went on a campout at beautiful Mountain Lakes camping resort, located in a secluded canyon at a cool 3,200 foot elevation. The group enjoyed themselves picnicking, playing games, and receiving prizes from the raffle. Cabins were once again provided for those who wished to stay overnight.

Campout at Mountain Lakes 2014"With help from our boyfriends, Tayler and I decorated Lydia's cabin for her birthday in a tropical theme," said Sadie from the Billing Department. "We had a blast and I think it turned out great."

"I was suprised to wake up in the morning and be unable to get out my door due to the all decorations," said Lydia Baker, Practice Manager and birthday girl. "The girls really went out of their way to make sure my birthday was celebrated."

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Campout at Mountain Lakes 2014 Campout at Mountain Lakes 2014 Campout at Mountain Lakes 2014

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