picture of Doctor Thomas Nasser of AVORSThomas S. Nasser, D.O.

Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation • Pain Management

open quoteThere is much more to pain management than medications and injections. Pain management does not live as its own entity like most people think. Pain management is actually an integral piece of rehabilitation. So numbing the pain is not the answer, improving the pain to allow patients to do their daily functions is really the answer. And that’s what I do as a physiatrist.close quote

Dr. Thomas S. Nasser is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) who is Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) and highly-rated in Pain Management and Rehabilitation. In the Antelope Valley area, he is the only Pain Management and Rehabilitation physician that makes regular hospital and nursing home rounds.

He is specially trained as a physiatrist who treats injuries or illnesses that affect how you move, focusing on nerves, muscles, and bones. He is an expert at diagnosing and treating pain and/or dysfunction, and restoring maximum health and quality of life to patients of all ages, whether they have difficulty functioning at home, at school, in the workplace, or during recreational activities.

As one of only a few physiatrists in the area, Dr. Nasser brings passion, energy, and a fresh approach to the treatment of:

  1. brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation
  2. post stroke rehabilitation
  3. pain management
  4. amputee care
  5. orthopaedic-musculoskeletal problems
  6. sports medicine
  7. arthritis
  8. neck & back pain

He focuses on the development of a comprehensive program for putting the pieces of the patient’s life back together after injury or disease – without surgery whenever possible.

Dr. Nasser is certified to perform a variety of procedures including:

  1. electro-diagnostics (EMG/NCVs)
  2. epidural injections
  3. facet and other major joint injections
  4. botox for treatment of spasticity
  5. spinal cord stimulation for pain control

He uses techniques ranging from detailed medical histories to nerve conduction studies, to diagnose a multitude of medical conditions. He then treats “the whole person” not just the symptoms. By evaluating the impact of a condition on the whole person – medically, socially, emotionally and vocationally, he helps his patients understand and take control of their health.

Contact Dr. Nasser:  661-726-5005

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Dr. Thomas S. Nasser is on staff at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, California; Palmdale Regional Medical Center in Palmdale, California; Antelope Valley Surgical Institute (AVSI) in Lancaster, California; and Ridgecrest Regional Hospital in Ridgecrest, California. He also sees patients at Antelope Valley Healthcare in Lancaster, California; Antelope Valley Care Center in Lancaster, California; Mayflower Gardens in Lancaster, California; Lancaster Healthcare Center in Lancaster, California; and Ridgecrest Healthcare Center in Ridgecrest, California.

He graduated from medical school at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. He then traveled to Toledo, Ohio, to complete his residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) at the Medical College of Ohio, where he served as Chief Resident.

He is currently a member of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R) where he is also a Diplomate and Fellow, American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (AOCPMR), and North American Spine Society (NASS).

Dr. Nasser was born in Yonkers, New York, and raised in Southern California. When he isn't with patients, he takes pleasure in auto restoration, skateboarding, and watching and playing basketball. He’s an avid Lakers fan. He also enjoys playing drums, hiking, camping, and driving dune buggies.